Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Friends and Camping

During our long holiday weekend another couple we know joined us for one night to our weekly sojourn to the river to camp. They prmoised a really nice cooked meal and they delivered.


Pork chops, watermelon and feta, pesto pasta, shrimp.

There was lots of talking while staying up late, drinking beer, and taking in the stars, moon, and bats that show up at night.

Believe it or not we will be headed out for two more weekends of camping. Some co-workers asked me, "don't you get tired of camping all the time"? The answer is "no". Sometimes we don't get the best spot and I get tired of being around random people on every side of me. But when we get an isolated spot by the river I love it. Plus, if I was at home I would not do much as opposed to reading by the river, mountain biking, taking pictures, and hiking. I am glad my boyfriend loves the outdoors so much because it rubs off on me too.



Mr. Lizard

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  1. I love the snake!!!
    I understanding why you don't get tired of camping when you can find a spot just for you two without no other noise than nature! so nice!