Sunday, August 19, 2012

Warm Springs, Oregon

My friend and I decided to take a girls only weekend to the high desert Kah-nee-ta resort which is on a Native American Reservation called Warm Springs about two hours from Portland. The resort was not what we expected (she mentioned it would be a beautiful, hot relaxing resort with a natural hot mineral springs pool). It was actually super crowded with kids and no place to even lay or sit down near the pool.

So since that was all we planned for we didn't know what to do. We had a drink within a few hundred feet of the pool and then went for a hike around the many trails near the resort.

That was fun, serene, and pretty. And the sun came out.

Then we went for dinner at their restaurant and we were so tired all we wanted was a Coke and a salad.

I was hoping we could go for a swim since it was still light outside but ended up going to sleep. In the morning I went for a peaceful stroll and came back to the room.

NOT the trip I imagined. I guess that's what happens when you don't plan much and you hype things up in your head about what something will be like....sometimes it works, sometimes it does not.

But the reservation is beautiful with wild horses roaming around and majestic views.

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