Monday, July 30, 2012

My Day as an Extra on the TV Show Portlandia

Getting my makeup done.

 When the television show Portlandia had a call out for extras I never thought I would be called for it when I signed up. I had done extra work before in Los Angeles for the West Wing and Gilmore Girls but they involved boring 12 hour days of sitting around. I literally was a prop. But I thought Portlandia would be fun. When I showed up to set I was quickly called to go to wardrobe to change into a bridal dress. Another girl and I were changing into the two bridal dresses they had but neither of us fit into the dresses because we were too small. The costume department decided to put us in brides maid dresses and asked another extra to wear the bridal dress. Then I got my hair and makeup done!

Village Ball Room

Next we went to set at the Village Ballroom. We were told by the director that we were going to do a spoof of this You Tube video (starts around the 30 second mark).

We were going to dance down the aisle! I can't dance very well or cute. But the director just told us to let loose and have fun with it. After what seemed like 20 takes all of our feet were hurting and we were forgetting to smile as we danced down the aisle. Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein were in the scene as well and seemed to kind of play themselves. They stop the wedding in progress. I didn't get to meet them but they seemed friendly and were really funny to watch. I can't wait for the Outlaw Gay Wedding scene to premiere in January 2013. So long to wait. I hope I make the cut.

I also was a part of the Battle of the Gentle Bands scene as an audience member. By this point I was really hungry and really tired and it was only 2pm. They had no food there except some trail mix bars and candy. I was happy when they released us so I could get food.

Battle of the Gentle Bands (that is Fred Armisen on stage)

What a fun day!


  1. Oh my gosh ... you are my new hero! How cool! I signed up to be a very pregnant extra last summer but was never called. Instead I stalked Fred and Carrie while they were shooting at Zupan's. :)

  2. I love that episode at Zupan's! I hope you end up doing it sometime! PS. Bring food since they don't feed you :)

  3. Oh that is so cool! it must have been an nice!