Friday, June 15, 2012

Berries and Morel Goodness

Last weekend we went to Sauvie Island to pick strawberries. It was so much fun! I only ended up making a ton of jam and of course just eating the strawberries plain.

We also saw a Bald Eagle there:

So last night we headed to the fruit stand down the street and picked some more up for $1 a pint. I will be making so more recipes with the strawberries tonight.And then we walked around our neighborhood where cherry trees and raspberry bushes grow everywhere (by businesses, city owned property) so we picked a ton of those too - for free! - and saved a at least $10-$15 of buying cherries and raspberries. Score!

We also enjoyed morels all week. Sadly, we did not pick these ourselves but know someone who picks them commercially and we bought blonde and black morel mushrooms. Yum!

Morels with Spaghetti and parsley from the garden.

Morels cooking

This weekend we are off to camp on the beach. Photos to follow!


  1. too bad you didn't make the strawberry pie, I was looking forward to try the recipe! But the jam looks very yammy and the pasta with the must have been very tasty!!!

    1. There is still time to make the pie before strawberry season hopefully I do it!:)It was so yummy. Morels are amazing...I wish I could have them all year long.