Monday, April 30, 2012

On a Boat in the Willamette

This weekend we went fishing in a boat but sadly caught nothing. Of the hundred or so boats in the water only 3 fish were caught. The water was way to murky and the Chinook Salmon were spooked. But I spent a lovely 8 hours in boat which was oddly relaxing for me and chilled out. Sunday was spent cleaning, organizing, and relaxing after a big meal of cobb salad, corn on the cob drizzling with butter and garlic salt, red potatoes drizzled with butter (notice the theme?) and olive oil, and (hatchery we caught) steelhead salmon with dill, lemon, parsley, and sour cream. No pictures sadly...I ate too fast and forgot.

Fishing (kinda) on the Willamette

I want a dog sooo bad!

My duck friends

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