Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Why I Love Oregon

Before I met my boyfriend (which sounds like a silly word to my ears because he is way more than that to me) I thought I was an outdoorsy kind of girl. I mean I've been camping and hiking before. But I was not really "outdoorsy" at all. Fast forward a year and half later and I find myself hiking in the rain and cold of Oregon in March. But it is beautiful in it's own way. Now this California girl loves it here and doesn't even mind a lil' rain.


  1. wow, you always post very beautiful pictures. You know that I always dream of visiting Oregon one day and every time I see the pictures you post, I think that I hope to see all these amazing places very soon!

  2. fromtheworld- I hope you do! And someday I hope to visit Portugal because the way you describe it sounds so beautiful.