Thursday, January 5, 2012

A New Year- 2012

I haven't posted in over a month because I have been burnt out on everything. I think it has alot to do with my thesis being due in two weeks. I had two weeks off of work which has been fantastic! I didn't work on my thesis like I wanted but I got some much needed time off work and time with my guy and road trips to the Oregon coast and the Columbia Gorge.

Pacific City, OR

Pacific City, Oregon

Beautiful New Year's Day Hike, Beacon Mountain, Washington

 My goal for this year is:
to relax about the unimportant things in life
to stop going to school and pay back my student loans
to save more money
to do my own thing more (ie a hobby like knitting or yoga)
to cook some new meals at home
to go on one big trip out of state this year or a big relaxing vacation
to be happy with my boyfriend and not bug him all the time for attention

Pretty simple right?

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