Friday, September 23, 2011

My Sunny Fall in Portland

It has been wonderfully hot and sunny in Portland all summer. Today and tomorrow are no exception. I can't believe it will be almost 90 here in Fall! Sun is a big deal to us Portlander's who have to face 8 months of depressing rain and gray skies. So I am enjoying all this weather as much as possible. Last weekend we went camping again and this weekend we are going to Detroit Lake for some more camping!

It has been a good summer I'd say. Now if only I didn't have to work.


  1. Wait, are you talking about Portland, OR? Because that's where I live, and it's nowhere near 90 degrees, and it was an AWFUL summer with a very late start! It was one of the coldest/shortest summers on record.

  2. Some weird blogger glich- I posted this a week or so ago I think! It was a late summer for sure...but I enjoyed it when it finally got here :)