Thursday, August 11, 2011

Off Camping at Deschutes!

I am off to go camping in less then 8 hours at the Deschutes River! I am so excited to go camping for the first time since I was in my teen years. Whoo-hoo! There will be stars and smores and yummy fresh fresh from the river. Very excited in you can't tell. The only downside is not having a real shower for a few days- I mean there is swimming in the river but not exactly the same...


  1. Hi, is this picture of the place where you will go camping? it looks beautiful. I met two people from Portland. They told me so many fantastic stories about Portland and Oregon in general. Next year I should be in Vancouver in the summer. Hopefully, I will have the occasion to drive south with some friends and spend some time in Oregon!
    Enjoy camping!

  2. fromtheworld- yes it is! I hope you get to do a little road trip south will love it! It is a beautiful state *sigh*